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Hi! My name is Maeg Yosef and I’m the owner of Ranunculae, a small printmaking studio where everything I create is handmade and handprinted! You can see more of my work at http://www.ranunculae.etsy.com. I can be contacted directly at ranunculae@hotmail.com. Thanks for visiting!



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A New Home…

Hello lovely readers!

I am moving…to a new blog! And a new shop! With a new name…Edison Rex! And tons of great new work. See you there!

xoxo, Maeg

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Belated, Updated.

It’s a couple weeks after the fact, but let me report that Twist was fabulous! Twist is an amazing fair that takes place twice a year just one town over from us, in Northampton, MA. In my year of selling at fairs, I’ve found that Twist is my favorite in terms of fun, food (we get fed!), vendors, and of course my own personal success. It’s just a blast, full of happy makers and happy customers.

Of course, I had help! May I introduce my fantastic co-vendor and assistant extraordinaire, Aurora:

Me and Aurora at Twist 2.0

Me and Aurora at Twist 2.0

Thank you, Aurora, for keeping my table in order and tracking my inventory so well!
I also introduced my new line of prints at this show, and I was thrilled with the reception they received. I will let all of you know when they are available online (feel free to email me if you missed out at the show)!
Also, happy belated Mother’s Day, mamas! Our family celebrated in style with a delicious brunch. Aurora even cooked dinner (very impressive!). I hope all of you enjoyed the day as well!
IMG_2320 copy

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Today I found these lovely letterpressed guest passes to Twist in my mailbox. Five lucky loved ones will get to visit me at the show for free! I’m so excited about this show in particular.
The first Twist was also my first show ever, and man, did that spoil me. I expected every show from then on to be a huge money-making dance party. Alas, they are not all like this. Twist is by far the most fabulous show I’ve been to, and I expect the 2.0 version to be a blast as well.

Check it out!

May 1 and 2
The Northampton Center for the Arts
Friday 5-9 pm
Saturday 10 am-6 pm
$3 adults admission

Don’t forget Saturday is Northampton’s Pride celebration as well–the city will be rockin’ all day long!

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Working, working

Rainy days are good for…


…sewing pillow after pillow for some upcoming shows.

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It’s Official!

Spring has sprung!


And like the crocuses, Ranunculae is also undergoing a period of great growth! After careful assessement and reflection I have decided to retool my business quite a bit, and I’m thrilled! I’m working on some yet-to-be-revealed surprises that I am VERY excited about. But I can give you some hints and sneak peaks about what I’m up to:


It involves some spring cleaning!

And a lot of hard work, which cannot be accomplished out of uniform. After some hot green tea and a bagel, I must don my weekend work clothes to get in the right frame of mind. The shoes are key, and they don’t come off till my day is done!

It's time to make the donuts art!

It's time to make the art!

After that comes the strenuous commute:


Whew! And then a lot of time is spent playing with new equipment.


Yay! Those of you attending Twist or the Heirloom Artisan Expo may get a sneak peek at some of the new work and the new direction my business is taking. I hope to see you all there!

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Design Hive!

Yesterday I was a vendor at Design Hive in Cambridge for the first time. While the crowd was a little slow due to the snow, I met some great folks and got to practice my city driving (yikes!).

Please meet fellow Gocco artist Elise Towle Snow of Argyle Whale:

Argyle Whale!

Argyle Whale!

Her work is really quirky and funny, with danger loving bunnies and vampire hedgehogs. It was great to meet someone else working in a similar vein!
I also got the pleasure of sitting next to Karissa Chase of Lilly Bug’s Mum who makes lovely, colorful pottery.
Lilly Bug's Mum

Lilly Bug's Mum

To all you city mice: The Design Hive happens on the first Sunday of each month in Cambridge, and I’ll be returning in June!

I hope everyone is enjoying their snow day today!

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Darling Prints

Despite what my husband might say, sometimes something good does come out of my bleary-eyed, over-caffeinated, up-too-late-but-can’t-stop nights of clicking blindly around Etsy in order to feel vaguely productive. Because last night, I found this!

Headphone Heart © Darling Knees

Headphone Heart © Darling Knees

I didn’t need convincing that Portland, Oregon, is built on some mystical fault line that produces fab artists–some of my old favorites are there. And yet, to drive the point home, here’s Darling Knees!

I just really love this print–I love the scratchiness of the headphones, the tangle of wires, and the place where red and black meet. You can find this print, and other super affordable lovelies, at the Darling Knees shop. Please be sure to check out Miss Darling Knees’ darling blog, too!

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