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Hi All,

I just wanted to showcase a few of my favorite current items from my shop, to give you an idea of what my work is like.

It is interesting to me that in the past, when I have been doing “fine art” like big paintings, my themes have been really heavy. Provocative and interesting, but heavy. As in, women weeping at my one and only solo show.

I’m pretty thrilled to be in a happier place in my life (through a lot of hard work, though that is a whole ‘nother post that may never be!) and I think that is explanation enough for moving away from those earlier themes. I also think that working in “crafts” (I’m using my quotes here heavily as I internally debate the difference between art and craft) makes me feel free to be funny, whimsical, and imaginative in a playful way. Perhaps I don’t feel confined by the idea that art has to be significant in a painfully explorative way. I’m sure I was working with a faulty assumption back then, but I love making things that are significant just because I say so.

I mean, I think my sewing machine has a life of its own (while I’m sleeping, of course. That’s why I never get to see him in action).

Adventures of Diesel

Adventures of Diesel

Diesel was inspired my friend Marykate’s description of my old Singer sewing machine.
Here are a few more of my favorites:





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