Featured Artist: Leslie of Wool Mountain and Ears for You

I met Leslie through Etsy when she asked me make my first custom order for her. What an honor! Leslie is the owner of three shops on Etsy: woolmountain where you will find lovely freeform crochet items, woolmountaindestash for supplies, and earsforyou, an earring shop. I’ve enjoyed our correspondence since that first order, and Leslie was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions for me about her life as a crafter. (All photos below are from her shop).

*How in the world do you balance having three shops on Etsy?

It’s not easy, I try to do a little each morning or late in the evening. The destash shop is easy enough, just taking pics of beads, buttons and other supplies. As for earsforyou, I can make at least 5 pairs of earrings in one half hour. The hardest is woolmountain, I spend at least 5 hours a day making things for woolmountain.

Hypnotic by Ears for You

Hypnotic by Ears for You

*What other venues do you sell at besides Etsy?
Craft shows, primarily August through December, for woolmountain. I that time period I do one craft show each weekend.

*What does your Etsy workday look like?
Package orders first thing, usually around 6:30 am, if I have anything to list, I’ll do it in the evening. The computer is always on and I’m checking in every hour during the day, updating when necessary.
*What are your plans and dreams for your business?
I’ve been selling my crochet and knitted items for 10 years (owned a physical studio for a few years, now the house is the studio). I would like it to grow enough so that I don’t have to go out of the house to work, I’ve done my time with the morning and evening rush hours.

*What is your creative process like?


Freeform Crochet Wrist Cuff with Button Closure from woolmountain

Freeform Crochet Wrist Cuff with Button Closure from woolmountain

Since I rarely use patterns, I enjoy the challenge of making something with just a thought, some yarn and a hook or needles. I just start out with the idea in my head, keep working with the yarn, “frogging” a few times before I get it right (frogging is pulling the project apart).
*How did you learn your craft?
One grandmother taught me crochet, the other grandmother taught me to knit, both at the age of five. It was a battle of “wills” between my grandmothers, so I had lots of instruction. And, since then in the late sixties/seventies, crochet was so popular, I was making “hippie” vests, hats and bags like crazy.

*Anything else?
Keep at it, don’t listen to the “turkey’s”. If you want to do something and create, do it, I never listened to the people in my life who said don’t, as non artistic people sometimes can’t understand why we do it.


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  1. Leslie said

    Thank for including me in your blog, You did a wonderful job!

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