The Adventures of Diesel, Part II

The next day, Diesel was packed tightly in a cardboard box and loaded into a truck. His only company inside the box was User’s Manual, who was dry and humorless and not the best conversationalist. Eventually Diesel stopped trying to engage him and let the truck engine drown out their attempts at connection.

After a lonely stretch of time on a shelf in a sewing shop, Diesel once again felt motion and the rumble of an engine as he was driven to his new owner’s house. At first simply being out of the box felt like incredible freedom. Air, light…and stitching. Diesel’s owner quickly got him saddled up, threaded, and into production mode.

His seamstress’s joyless hands worked him through the same patterns over and over. Diesel quickly got bored of the starchy aprons, the colorless quilts and perfect table runners. Soon every time he stitched a corset he felt he couldn’t breathe. For too long Diesel endured the mind-numbing repetition of each order, the swearing, the cigarette ash falling on his gorgeous metal frame. Until one day, he got an idea…

That night, Diesel stitched slowly and quietly until dawn. As the sun started to rise, Diesel finished his last seam. His seamstress and her children woke to see Diesel taking to the sky in his homemade wings. They chased after him, but to no avail. Diesel had taken flight, and was gone.

Diesel Takes Flight

Diesel Takes Flight



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