Tutorial: Simple but Sweet Craft Show Banner!

So, as you all must know by now, I just did my first craft fair. I knew I wanted to make a banner for my table, but I was also feeling pretty stretched for time and cash. I didn’t want to pay a lot of money to have a banner made for me (I’m a maker, after all), and I didn’t feel I had time to sew one. I also knew I didn’t want to hand draw my fonts, because of the time involved and the potential for mistakes!

So, I created a simple but sweet painted banner with materials I had kicking around my studio. It just took a couple hours, and looked pretty sweet!

Said banner in action.

Said banner in action.

So if your looking for a simple solution to a banner blank, read on.


  • Computer with printer
  • Copy machine/visit to copy shop
  • Big piece of fabric that’s thin enough to see through a little bit (I used muslin)
  • Acrylic paint and brushes
  • Fabric marker
  • Paint marker

The first thing I did was go into my wordprocessing program and, using the “outline” font option, print out all the letters I would be using in my text in the largest font my computer would allow. Then I cut each letter out.

A bowl of letters.

A bowl of letters.

Next, I enlarged each letter to the desired size on my copy machine. I enlarged mine twice to get the right size, which also left me with a smaller font for the bottom part of my banner.

Then, letter by letter, I pinned my photocopies to the back of the muslin and traced them with a fabric marker, taking care to keep them even.

Tracing the letters.

Tracing the letters.

Once that was done, time to paint! I painted each letter (be careful, the paint bleeds through!) choosing to leave a hint of the black paint marker at the edge. After painting, I outlined each letter in white acrylic paint marker. The pink/black/white combination made the letters pop out more (first picture).

Painting in progress.

Painting in progress.

The final step was to sew the banner onto my table cloth. You might not want to do this if you’re not sure what your table height will be at the show (or if you grabbed the cloth off your dinner table!) I stitched my banner so that when I folded it back over the seam, it would hang from the cloth–no stitches showing.

That’s it. Personally, I felt that having a banner helped my table to stand out, and put my business name boldly out there. Hopefully this tutorial will save you some time and money, too! Enjoy!



  1. Sue said

    Thanks for sharing how you did your banner. It is very nice looking.

  2. Very nice results!
    I recently made one for the back of my “booth”. Now I need a long, narrow banner.

  3. Great idea! I’ve done some shows in the past and always have fun trying to figure out inexpensive displays and designs.

    Your tutorial is great, thanks for sharing. I will probably be making a banner in the future from your idea!

  4. This is a nice little tutorial and I think it will be really helpful for me. It sort of seems obvious that you could make a simple and attractive banner like that, but I never would have thought of it. Thank you!

  5. great idea! So easy that my non-sewing hands can even do it! Thanks!

  6. That looks great! Excellent job.

  7. Thanks for this great tutorial ! I have a show in about 5 weeks. Not enough time to paint a wood sign. This would be perfect !

    Have fun at your shows!


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  9. Sayo said


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