Inspire Me: Adventures of Diesel Contest!!!

Whoever inspires Diesel’s next adventure will win a tee shirt hand printed with the image I create based on your inspiration, as well as a Complete Diesel Card Set. I’m looking for an idea or creative snippet that is not yet part of the Diesel lore. To see the Complete Adventures of Diesel, click here. You can get in touch with me directly at should you have any questions. Thanks! 
Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment here to enter, three entries per person, please. If you got here from an Etsy thread, feel free to post there as well to keep the creativity flowing.

2. Short and sweet comments: one sentence, TEN word maximum. (Or, if you’d like to submit a haiku instead, SEVENTEEN syllable maximum). Shorter is fine, too.
3. Please make sure to leave your name and email in your comment.

4. Contest will be conclude Friday, October 24th at midnight EST. Winner will be announced Monday, October 27th. From there I will develop my imagery from your inspiration and custom order a shirt for the winner!

If more than one person comes up with the winning inspiration, the winner will be whoever posted it first. Thanks!





  1. Elsie Brockett said

    Diesel flys hot air balloon over patchwork quilt!

  2. Jen Smith said

    Diesel needs to take a ride on a Diesel Engine Train

  3. Danielle said

    Diesel finds a spiritual/philosophical mentor.

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  6. Donna Kozar said

    Diesel takes the train.

  7. Donna Kozar said

    Diesel falls in love.

  8. Donna Kozar said

    Diesel gets oiled.

  9. Anna said

    Diesel takes a trip for his birthday to a Japanese steak house.

  10. Anna said

    Diesel gets a wiener dog!

  11. Anna said

    Diesel gets knighted!

  12. Jen Smith said

    Diesel goes on the Ferris Wheel

  13. Mary Helen said

    My three ideas:
    – Diesel gets married by Elvis in Las Vegas
    – Diesel rides an Elephant during an exotic hiking trip in Thailand!
    – Diesel fights a group of ninjas

  14. candi cane said

    I think Diesel should host his own TV Show.

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  16. Mer said

    Diesel meets his maker.

  17. Malinda said

    Diesel finds first love.

  18. Genevieve said

    Diesel joins Doctors Without Borders.

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