The Adventures of Diesel, Part III

As great as his construction skills were, Diesel’s home-sewn feather wings could only keep a metal sewing machine aloft for so long. With pieces of his escape plan floating to the ground beneath him, Diesel looked back and saw that he had come a long way. He could no longer see the house, nor the town that he had fled. He slowly landed.

Diesel was lucky; he had stopped in a town that was kind to strangers. His skills were in demand and Diesel was able to barter for whatever he needed. Food, and a sewing table to crash on for the night.

For awhile Diesel stayed at a motorcycle shop, where he stitched red leather chaps in exchange for a place to sleep. When the chaps were done, the owner of the shop presented Diesel with the ultimate gift. “You’re bigger than this town, Diesel,” she said. “You know you’re different. Now get outta here.” With that she laid a set of motorcycle keys on his slide plate.

Diesel hit the road on his new bike. Finally, after all his travels, the only engine driving him was his own.


Diesel takes to his bike...

Diesel takes to his bike...


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