Warm Fuzzies (in a Little Black Box)

I’ve been working hard lately on trying to figure out the mystery of marketing. Wanting to get the word out about my business in time for the holiday season, I’ve been looking for as many avenues as possible for inexpensive marketing. I’ve been doing the following:

1. Getting featured on some blogs whose writers I met via Etsy. Check out Indie Craft Corner by Lisa for an example.

2. Researching the right way to approach blogwriters and submit my work. Check out some great information on this subject at www.modishblog.com.

3. Applying for a spot in online handmade markets like Poppytalk Handmade and Indie Fixx Galleria.

4. Participating in a giveaway at Vermillion Rules.

5. Creating the Diesel Contest, which I hope you all enter! It’s a lot of fun!

6. Participating in the October Little Black Box, a sampler of online retailers’ goods. We sellers send in our wares for free, they are divided up into wonderful sampler packages and sold online to folks who love to buy indie. The reward is a lot of great exposure.

I got warm fuzzies when I read the blurb the Little Black Box wrote about me on their site, where they feature in advance all who have contributed:

“Ranunculae: You can tell when someone really likes what they do based on the presentation of their promos. A box full of amazing individual note cards for many boxes arrived this afternoon. The artwork on these is one of a kind. I’m forever impressed with what the artists in our boxes create and this one completely gets my mark of approval.”

AWWW! Warm Fuzzies…Now I will definitely get a good night’s sleep…

As soon as I remind everyone reading in Massachusetts that October 15th is the last day to register to vote! Diesel’s already registered, folks, so you really have no excuse. He’s a sewing machine…


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