Rockin’ the Williamsburg Fall Festival

The center of Williamsburg, one of Western Massachusett’s hill towns, is gorgeous. I was fortunate enough to do a small craft fair this past Sunday at the Williamsburg Fall Festival. There was just this great true small town feel, an energetic crowd in an area sans corporate neon lights and filled with old buildings and awesome mountain views. And my favorite part: the baby goats at the petting zoo!

I am regretting not getting a photo of these baby goats. Who knows? They could have been my next design. Baby goats are the new black, guys. Forget the octopi and hedgehogs. I would have traded all my cards and pincushions for a baby goat (hmmm, or maybe the llama!) if it wouldn’t have meant me sleeping on the couch for the next month. (But sleeping on the couch with the baby goat? It would be a cute exile).

Okay, I didn’t get a photo but here is a baby goat stand-in:

Baby Goat, not from Williamsburg.

Baby Goat, not from Williamsburg.

Okay, but I’m digressing here. The show was small but I loved being there. My family (Dennis and Aurora) was kind enough to drive up, bring me a delicious lunch, and help out at the table.

Dennis and Aurora, rockin' the show!

                                                              Dennis and Aurora, rockin’ the show!

Thanks guys! Aurora also helped by remerchandising my table and keeping everything constantly neat and tidy. I was impressed that she had thoughtful (and right!) reasonings for all her merch decisions. This girl is a natural business lady and has already requested that we have our own storefront when she grows up.

Us ladies.

Us ladies.


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