Road Trip

I think my right bicep is permanently clenched after dragging heavy suitcases of Ranunculae business up and down subway tunnels and trains. But it was all worth it!

First I hit the Greenfield Center School’s Juried Artisan’s Festival, which was not too far from home. Just about 25 vendors, I think, really small and friendly with a good crowd.

Greenfield Show

Greenfield Show

From there I hopped in my car and drove to Boston to get some rest before Bazaar Bizarre the next day! Mad props to Marykate and Matt who fed me and housed me and all around took care of me (I’m kind of helpless first thing in the morning, as Marykate can attest to). And, Marykate might be hurting today, too, since she was kind enough to drag the other suitcase.

Me (L) and Marykate

Me (L) and Marykate

Bazaar Bizarre was a lot of fun. The Castle at Park Plaza was huge, and filled with some absolutely amazing vendors. I wish I’d gotten more of a chance to explore, but the place was so big and crowded that there are entire rows of folks I didn’t get a chance to see.

The Masses

The Masses

The true star of the night was Jonny Spaceman, Theremin Player Extraordinaire. From the highest balcony in the Castle, Jonny rocked the theremin, playing everything from Christmas carols to Nirvana to the Pixies. All while dressed in a shiny silver suit. As I had somehow made it to age 28 thinking that a theremin was a stringed instrument, this part of the event totally rocked my world.  I’ll leave you with the best photo I could get in the dark Castle, with Jonny far away:

A heavily Photoshopped Jonny Spaceman

A heavily Photoshopped Jonny Spaceman


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