Thank you Laurie for the tag and link on your blog! I’ve been meaning to share links to some of my new favorite shops and folks for awhile and this is the perfect reminder. So here goes:

I Made You A Beard: My husband and I have had many conversations about “trying to sell things people need” vs. “just making whatever you want with the belief there is a buyer out there”. I LOVE this shop, and its contents have definitely figured into our debate. Look and discuss amongst yourselves!

Kerri Wessel: the super talented illustrator. See her work on her brand new website! If you live in the Pioneer Valley, MA area you may also see her work live at the Hadley Trader Joe’s where we draw pictures together (she makes the cow murals, guys!)

The Black Apple: I love to keep an eye on Emily Black Apple’s blog and Etsy shop. She is an example of the self employed artistic success I desire. Not only is she making it on her own as an artist, she always seems to be cooking something yummy! Here’s to non-starving artists! (She sometimes shares recipes on her blog as well!)

Ashley G: Another example of self employed artistic success that I love to spy upon. I am especially enamored with this print.


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