Design Hive!

Yesterday I was a vendor at Design Hive in Cambridge for the first time. While the crowd was a little slow due to the snow, I met some great folks and got to practice my city driving (yikes!).

Please meet fellow Gocco artist Elise Towle Snow of Argyle Whale:

Argyle Whale!

Argyle Whale!

Her work is really quirky and funny, with danger loving bunnies and vampire hedgehogs. It was great to meet someone else working in a similar vein!
I also got the pleasure of sitting next to Karissa Chase of Lilly Bug’s Mum who makes lovely, colorful pottery.
Lilly Bug's Mum

Lilly Bug's Mum

To all you city mice: The Design Hive happens on the first Sunday of each month in Cambridge, and I’ll be returning in June!

I hope everyone is enjoying their snow day today!



  1. Kim Dionne said

    it was great to see you at the Design Hive — I even posted about your OctoLove coinpurse on my blog at:

  2. Danielle said

    Hey, Maeg! Congrats on participating in another awesome craft show!

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