Belated, Updated.

It’s a couple weeks after the fact, but let me report that Twist was fabulous! Twist is an amazing fair that takes place twice a year just one town over from us, in Northampton, MA. In my year of selling at fairs, I’ve found that Twist is my favorite in terms of fun, food (we get fed!), vendors, and of course my own personal success. It’s just a blast, full of happy makers and happy customers.

Of course, I had help! May I introduce my fantastic co-vendor and assistant extraordinaire, Aurora:

Me and Aurora at Twist 2.0

Me and Aurora at Twist 2.0

Thank you, Aurora, for keeping my table in order and tracking my inventory so well!
I also introduced my new line of prints at this show, and I was thrilled with the reception they received. I will let all of you know when they are available online (feel free to email me if you missed out at the show)!
Also, happy belated Mother’s Day, mamas! Our family celebrated in style with a delicious brunch. Aurora even cooked dinner (very impressive!). I hope all of you enjoyed the day as well!
IMG_2320 copy

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